the worlds finest handmade electronic synth dance rock, handcrafted in DNVR

A death. A breaking apart. A reckoning. A loss of ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒.

If great tribulation leads to even greater art, then this record should be the strongest yet from MANMADEMADMAN, now on his third independently produced album. Rather than being as impersonal as possible (NVIIISIIIBL?), this one is intensely personal, each song a graphic step forward, the yielded output of the painful climb. From music production to lyrical content to engineering, this album was crafted to overcome self-imposed limits. But if it never reaches another person’s ears, it was still worth in the end. 

If you listen closely, you can almost feel what’s underneath the noise; there’s a calming there somewhere.


Where before there were signs of anger are now signs of hope. Where once lay trash and decay is now beauty with the promise of new beginnings. There might even be a hint of happiness in this unrest? Some growth has spawned from the ruins. Its not quite pissed off, but its close. Modular synthesizers abound on this one; every song feels like a sandblasting, tearing off the damaged exterior to reveal something new. It pans across the stereo field, begging you to turn your head. This isn’t rock music, and it sure as hell isn’t dance music. This is something up from that, somewhere in the clouds. A fresh sound beckons.

Noise, distortion, cut up vocal hooks, and then more distortion is all over the place.

Yes, this is a breakup record. The writing was an exorcism in itself, an intentional submersion into ice-cold waters in order to see, hear, feel the truth, then speak it out loud. For the previous two MANMADEMADMAN releases, the philosophy was “more must be better” and in that practice over a span of months, groups of songs were made as fast as possible, then sifted through to choose the best of the best. For this one however, the object went the other way: it was decided to intentionally make as few demo songs as possible, instead cranking the wrench on each of them daily for months, perfecting them slowly. Why?

One reason alone: whatever was done before, now do differently.

THIS ONE’S FOR ▒▒▒▒▒▒ and 0xAD5.




warpeace01.) BRNING
04.) F!RE
05.) KN0WS
06.) M0UTH’D
07.) CHARM’D
08.) DUPLIC8
09.) CH0KE
10.) EYE
11.) CH01R

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