Release Date: April 1, 2016
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v3.01: A death. A reckoning. A loss of ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒. If great tribulation leads to even greater art, then this record should be the strongest yet from manmademadman, now on his third independently produced iteration. Rather than being as impersonal as possible, this one is intensely personal, each song a graphic step forward, the yielded output of the painful climb. From music production to lyrical content to engineering, this album was crafted to overcome self-imposed limits. But if it never reaches another person’s ears, it was still worth in the end.
If you listen closely, you can almost feel what’s underneath the noise; there’s a calming there somewhere.
Where before there were signs of anger are now signs of hope. Where one lay trash and decay is now beauty and new beginnings. There might even be a hint of happiness in this unrest. Some growth has spawned from the ruins. This isn’t rock music. This isn’t dance music. This is something above and beyond that, somewhere in the clouds. A fresh sound beckons. 
The writing was a catharsis in itself, an intentional submersion into ice-cold waters in order to see, hear, feel the truth, then speak it out loud. For the previous two manmademadman releases, the philosophy was “more must be better” and in that practice over a span of months, groups of songs were made as fast as possible, then sifted through to choose the best of the best. For this one however, the object went the other way: it was decided to intentionally make as few demo songs as possible, instead cranking the wrench on each of them daily for months. Why? One reason alone: 
whatever was done before, now do differently.
THIS ONES FOR ▒▒▒▒▒▒ and 0xAD5






The music collected here is the output from an intense personal journey, wrought with tribulations and personal pains collected over the last two years. The life experience while making this record was extremely cathartic and helpful to me, not always knowing which way was up, finding out who my real friends were, and making things happen despite my circumstances. Painful times can bring a person crashing down in flames- and I absolutely wanted to crash sometimes- but instead of focusing on the displeasure of the nurse injecting me with shots laced with medicine that was good for me, I deflected by constantly channeling it into music that lifted me up.
Now, I intend to share it with you.
This is what I’ve been thinking, seeing, and feeling for the past two years.

This is the third album from MANDMADEMADMAN


MM:MM would like to thank the following:

eric monse for additional production and incredible discerning ears, inspiration
jahi simbai for pushing me while supporting me, constant inspiration
manali for listening without judgement
owen for being there. always. NMW!
melisa for inspiration, listening
kevin alves for listening and arguing
canon for capturing

bill@wmdevices, scott@harvestman, john@rumtum, 0xAD5, alex@rosequartz
26th@lawrence, DaDa@artbar, limoncello@shanesdangerous, coffee@crema, Italy

released October 4, 2015

additional production duties: eric monse